RN53 氡探测器


  Radon Detector RN53

      - For Continuous Radon Monitoring (CRM) Systems

      - Ultra Low Power Requirement


  The RN53 Radon Detector operates on the method of electrostatic collecting of the radon 222Rn progeny 218Po and 214Po. Both 218Po and 214Po decay via alpha emission. A PIN diode, which is part of the RN53 detector, continuously detects the alpha particles being emitted during the decay of 218Po and 214Po. An integrated energy spectrum analyzer separates the signal of undesired decay products. The rate of the output pulses of the RN53 is a direct measure for the radon gas concentration in the sampled air.

  Electrostatic collecting of the decay products of the radon gas is a precise and reliable method to get a representative measure for the concentration of radon in the environment being monitored.

  Features and Benefits

  · Continuous monitoring of radon concentration

  · Ultra low power requirement for battery powered applications

  · Integrated energy spectrum analyzer

  · TTL/CMOS compatible pulse output

  · Swiss made

  Application Areas

  · Environmental monitoring in IoT

  · Integration in commercial CRM systems

  · Natural sciences courses and practical lab experiments

  Absolute Maximum Ratings

  Supply voltage, VCC to GND                                                       18.0V

  Collecting voltage                                                                        1000V

  Output short-circuit duration                                                      continuous

  Storage temperature range                                                         -65°C to 100°C

  Electrical Characteristics

  Unless otherwise indicated specified at:

  VCC = 4.5V; TA = 23°C; relative humidity RH = 20%;

  Measuring chamber volume: 169cm3; collecting voltage: +400V

  Output pulse level                                     Equal to supply voltage (positive going)

  Output pulse width                                   200μs (LOW?HIGH?LOW)

  Supply voltage range, VCC                        2.5V to 15.0V

  Supply current, IS                                      20μA TYP

  Collecting voltage range                          +50V to +800V

  Operating temperature range                  -20°C to 60°C

  Pulse count rate                                        95 pulse counts per hour ±10% typical at 1000Bq/m3


                                                                    The pulse count rate highly depends on factors such as

                                                                    - design of the measuring chamber

                                                                    - collecting voltage

                                                                    - humidity and temperature of the environment

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